Bajaj CT 125X: First Ride Review?

Bajaj CT 125X: First Ride Review?

Bajaj CT 125X:- Some of the deciding factors for a commuter bike are ergonomics and comfort. And the CT checks these boxes. First, its handlebar is inclined towards the rider and the footpegs are centre-set. This duo provides a fairly upright and comfortable rider triangle. To put things into perspective, I’m 5’10, and the seat height of 800mm did not feel too tall and allowed me to rest my foot flat and with ease. Even the seat width contributes to it and is in no way uncomfortable. Moreover, the seat is flat and spacious for both the rider and the pillion. Even for taller riders, the CT shouldn’t feel cramped or uncomfortable, given its overall size and how compact it looks.

With a kerb weight of 131.5kg, the Bajaj CT125X weighs about 6-7kg more than its rivals like the Super Splendor and Honda Shine. However, it still feels quite easy to move around, be it in a tight parking spot or when getting on/off the centre stand.

Talking about the performance, the CT accelerates in a very linear fashion as the motor builds up the revs gradually. The torque spread is also quite even throughout the range, and the engine is decently tractable when you ride it in a gear higher even at low speeds. Overall, the throttle feels decently responsive to the inputs.

Now, the bike rides comfortably at city speeds of 0-40kmph in third and fourth gear. And for flowing traffic, we found that the CT was smoother to ride in the second or third gear as the first one is quite short and the bike stays on the edge with constant on and off throttle transition.

Take it on the highway and the bike feels at home at about 70-75kmph, post which the vibrations creep in from the handlebar as well as the footpegs. That said, the vibes aren’t intense and don’t affect your overall riding experience.

Although Bajaj claims a top speed of about 97kmph for the CT, the speedometer only displayed between 85-90kmph during our test ride. When ridden closer towards the top speed, the engine’s rugged character is even more evident.

Being a commuter means the CT’s gearbox will see constant shifts throughout the cogs. And that’s what we did during our ride. While we found the upshifts to be borderline smooth, the downshifts were a tad rough. Moreover, the second and third gears specifically are a bit tricky to engage. So you’ll need a little extra effort there.

All of this is nestled in a frame that Bajaj claims to be much more robust and aids in overall handling. Not to mention, tipping and turning this bike into the corners was fairly easy. And even with such a light structure, the CT is quite stable on the highways too.

With an inclination towards durability and long-distance commutes, the CT is likely to encounter both good and bad roads, thus demanding a supple ride quality. However, the CT’s rear suspension feels a bit stiff when ridden over undulated patches and sends minor jolts to your back. That said, if you have a pillion or some sort of added weight at the rear, we feel the rear springs would respond a bit differently and the ride would be a tad softer.

Last but not least, the braking. Our test bike was equipped with a front disc and rear drum brake. While the front brake had an adequate bite and the lever progression was also nice, the rear drum could do better with a tad more bite.


Bajaj Pulsar 125 Carbon Fibre edition launched at Rs 89,254

The Carbon Fibre edition can be optioned with either a single-seat or split-seat configuration.

Bajaj has launched the Pulsar 125 Carbon Fibre edition at Rs 89,254 (ex-showroom, Delhi). This new colourway can be optioned with either a single seat or a split seat set-up that costs Rs 91,642.

Bajaj Pulsar 125 Carbon Fibre edition: what’s new

The Pulsar 125 Carbon Fibre edition gets an all-new carbon fibre stickering on the belly pan, front fender, tank and rear cowl unit. The Carbon Fibre edition also comes in two new colours – blue and red. The Carbon Fibre edition adds to the sporty appeal that the Pulsar has cultivated over the years in the Indian market.

Bajaj Pulsar 125 Carbon Fibre edition: underpinnings

The Pulsar 125 Carbon Fibre edition remains mechanically unchanged from the Pulsar 125 Neon. This means that the air-cooled, two-valve, 124.4cc single-cylinder engine is good for 11.8hp at 8,500rpm and 10.8Nm of torque at 6,500rpm. This engine is mated to a 5-speed gearbox and isn’t the same unit found on the rugged Bajaj CT125X commuter. Unlike other 125cc entrants in this segment, the Pulsar 125 rolls on 17-inch wheels, as opposed to 18-inch ones.

The Pulsar 125 can be had either with a 170mm drum or a 240mm disc at the front. Since the engine displaces less than 125cc, the Pulsar 125 makes do without ABS. The single seat option on the Pulsar 125 tips the scales at 140kg, with its 15-litre tank fully brimmed. Optioning the Pulsar 125 with the split seat set-up increases the weight to 142kg. Ground clearance stands at 165mm.

Bajaj Pulsar 125 Carbon Fibre edition: price and rivals

The Pulsar 125 Carbon Fibre edition starts at Rs 89,254 for the single-seat option and goes up to Rs 91,642 for the split-seat option. Compared to the Pulsar 125 Neon (which is only available in single-seat configuration) the Carbon Fibre edition is dearer by Rs 2,105. In terms of rivals, it goes up against the Hero Glamour Canvas and the Honda SP125, both of which are more commuter friendly than outright sporty like the Pulsar 125. Although, both of them have a considerable price advantage over the Pulsar 125, to the tune of Rs 2,000 for the Honda SP125 and Rs 4,000 for the Hero Glamour Canvas.

All prices mentioned are ex-showroom, Delhi.

Would you pay the premium for the Bajaj Pulsar 125 over its rivals? Let us know in the comments section below.


Bajaj CT 125X Road Test Review – Ya Basic!

Bajaj CT 125X Review

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In today’s day and age, 125cc bikes have taken over the spot of the 150s in the minds of those who want a competent, good-looking and feature-packed commuter motorcycle under one lakh rupees. Back in the day, you had options like CBZ and the Unicorn. Now though, you have a spectrum of 125s, ranging from premium to more basic and no points for guessing which side of the spectrum the CT 125X falls in.

Even though it might fall on the utilitarian side of things, a modern 125 still needs to meet certain criteria to be acceptable in 2022. So, does it score enough in enough areas or does the bike get a big from us?

Design – 👍🏽Bajaj CT 125X Design

Premium 125s like the Honda SP125 and TVS Raider are in a league of their own when it comes to their design. Even the CT’s more direct rivals like the Honda Shine and Hero Super Splendor manage to look somewhat modern. But, they do have an unexciting, ‘uncle’ vibe to them.

On the other hand, the CT is properly old school in its design, and that’s exactly why we like it – it has a lot more personality going for it compared to its rivals. And with all the rugged bits like the raised fender, beefy crash bar, metal base plate headlight brace and large luggage rack threw on, it looks even cuter… almost like a little puppy wearing a large spiked collar.

Everyday usability – 👍🏽Bajaj CT 125X Engine

  • Basic Specs
  • Engine: 124cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled
  • Power: 10.9PS @ 8000rpm
  • Torque: 11Nm @ 5500rpm
  • Gearbox: 5-speed

At the end of the day, 125s are meant to be everyday bikes, and everyday riding is all about commuting… home to office, office to home, home to the shops and the rest.

Even though in terms of basic specs, the CT 125X is pretty much on par with the rest of the segment, in the city, it’s a delight to ride. Bajaj has given it shorter third, fourth and fifth gears. So while you might not get a great jump off the line in terms of outright acceleration, the in-gear acceleration is just excellent.

Bajaj CT 125X

To help with this, Bajaj has also ensured that you get 90 per cent of the engine’s 11Nm of torque between 3500 and 8000rpm. So, twist the throttle at any speed in any gear and the CT just goes. In fact, you can ride the bike at speeds as low as 25kmph in fifth gear. It is probably the most tractable motor we’ve tested in this segment.

  • Acceleration
  • Bajaj CT 125X
  • TVS Raider 125
  • Hero Glamour
  • 0-60kmph
  • 7.49s
  • 6.23s
  • 7.10s
  • 0-80kmph
  • 14.9s
  • 11.28s
  • 13.94s
  • 30-70kmph (3rd gear)
  • 8.18s
  • (untested)
  • 8.64s
  • 40-80kmph (4th gear)
  • 10.99s
  • (untested)
  • 11.89s

Of course, the CT 125X is not meant to be some long-distance tourer. It is designed to predominantly appeal to people living in Tier II and Tier III cities. This means commutes for potential buyers might include a bit or a lot of highway riding.

On the highway, the CT feels most comfortable at 65-70kmph. The engine does sound slightly gruff at these speeds, but the vibes aren’t much. The best part of the motor is that if you want to overtake traffic on the highway at these speeds, you can just twist open the throttle, no need to downshift. You can even cruise at around 80kmph without the engine feeling too strained, but you do get more vibes at this point.

Fuel Efficiency – 👍🏽👎🏽Bajaj CT 125X

With the cost of petrol being what it is today, you’d want to get every kilometre out of every litre that you put in the tank. In our tests, the motorcycle delivered slightly under 60kmpl in the city and slightly over 60 on the highway, which is a little on the lower side, and nowhere close to our current 125 mileage champion – the Raider.

  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Bajaj CT 125X
  • TVS Raider 125
  • Hero Glamour
  • City
  • 59.6kmpl
  • 71.94kmpl
  • 64.10kmpl
  • Highway
  • 61.3kmpl
  • 65.44kmpl
  • 69.49kmpl
  • Fuel tank capacity
  • 11 litres
  • 10 litres
  • 10 litres

Bajaj has managed to beat BS6 norms while keeping costs down by using an e-carburettor for fuelling. But, it’s never going to get the same efficiency as a proper fuel-injected system. But, honestly, we don’t mind sacrificing a bit of efficiency for the sheer tractability the motor offers.

Comfort – 👍🏽

With a seat height of 810mm, which is on the higher side for a 125cc commuter bike, the CT 125X might feel tall for really short riders. But if you’re anywhere above 5’6” in height, you should be able to get your feet on the ground quite easily, as the bike is narrow.

Bajaj CT 125X

But the footpeg position is really likeable – it’s not fully forward-set like in most commuters, it’s more centre-set, which, combined with the rubber pads on the tank, allow you to grip the bike better, so you get better control while riding.

The handlebar is set on the lower side though, but not so low that you’re leaning forward to reach the bars. So, the seating position is fairly upright and neutral. The seat itself, while not the longest in class, is spacious enough for two adults, and even three in a pinch, but we aren’t condoning this.

In fact, you can have your pillion sit in any orientation and it’s no problem. It’s comfortable, but not so soft you sink into it. This means, even if you’re going to be spending hours on the saddle, your backside won’t have any complaints.

Ride & Handling – 👍🏽Bajaj CT 125X

Suspension side, the CT 125X’s front end does feel a little on the softer side, but the damping at the rear feels quite sophisticated thanks to the spring-in-spring setup, which gives you three different spring rates. That said, the back end might feel a little stiff if you’re a lighter rider. But add some load, like a pillion or some luggage, and the ride becomes beyond excellent – it is meant to be a real weight haulier after all.

Don’t let the “X” in the name fool you though. It’s not meant for proper off-road use, and that’s mainly because it’s running road-biased tyres on 17-inch alloy wheels. But given its adequate ground clearance of 170mm and all the tough bits that it has been bestowed upon, it handles the worst broken roads the country can throw its way.

Bajaj CT 125X Rear

At the same time, its heavier than usual kerb weight of 130 to 131.5kg gives it plenty of stability on the highway, while the tyres do a good job of inspiring confidence in the corners.

Braking is great too. The top-end version has an optional 240mm front disc brake along with a mechanical combined braking system. You can slam the brakes pretty hard and there’s no drama as the CT pulls to a halt.

  • Braking
  • Distance
  • 60-0kmph
  • 19.13m
  • 80-0kmph
  • 35.25m

Features – 👎🏽Bajaj CT 125X

125cc bikes like the TVS Raider, Honda SP125 and the Hero Glamour Xtec are packed to the brim with modern features. On the CT 125X though, you only get an LED DRL, everything else is halogen. There’s no digital instrumentation or connectivity either. As a bike, it’s as basic as it gets unless you count alloy wheels with tubeless tyres as ‘features’. But that’s something even the modern 110s offer these days. It does have a very conveniently placed USB charger though. But that’s about it.

Price – 👍🏽Bajaj CT 125X Side Shot

At less than Rs 75,000 (ex-showroom), the CT 125X does feel like great value. Not only is it about Rs 6,000 more affordable than its direct rivals, but it’s also cheaper than most 125cc scooters and even some higher-end 110cc bikes.

  • Price
  • Bajaj CT 125X
  • Hero Super Splendor
  • Honda Shine
  • (ex-showroom Delhi)
  • Drum: Rs 71,354
  • Disc: 74,554
  • Drum: 77,918
  • Disc: 81,818
  • Drum: 78,414
  • Disc: 82,414
  • Verdict

Bajaj CT 125X

  • Clearly, the CT 125X isn’t meant to appeal to the youth or even urban yuppies. It’s meant to appeal to tradespeople.. electricians, plumbers, carpenters, delivery people, and the like. Basically, it’s meant for those who do labour-intensive tasks and need a really dependable workhorse. And when it comes to workhorses, it doesn’t get better than the CT 125X. Plus, it scores five and a half thumbs-ups in the seven categories that should define a modern 125cc commuter. So, in that sense, the CT 125X is a true working-class hero.

2022 Bajaj CT 125x First Ride Review | Better Than Hero Super Splendor? BikerDaadLife

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