The 7 Coolest New Motorcycles From EICMA 2022?

The 7 Coolest New Motorcycles From EICMA 2022


The Milan Motorcycles Show, commonly known as EICMA, is the pinnacle of manufacturer-focused bike events and frequently serves as the venue for the greatest two-wheeled announcements. Contrary to the predictions of many auto shows, the event has made an amazing comeback from its year-long break in 2020. And this year’s show served as a catalyst for a successful year for motorcycles.

Manufacturers were determined to prove to the media and customers alike that motorcycles are keeping up with the times with revived nameplates, brand-new chassis, and an injection of electrification. And despite frequent complaints from American consumers that European markets receive the best products, the US market performed okay this year. Here are seven of the coolest bikes from EICMA 2022 that you can buy right away, ranging from all-electric race bikes to entry-level scramblers.

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The 7 Coolest New Motorcycles From EICMA 2022?

10 Used Motorcycles To Avoid Like The Plague In 2022

There will almost always be some emotion associated with the buying of a motorcycle because we rarely buy them as rational commuters, especially when it comes to huge displacement motorcycles.

When reasoning does finally knock, we have a tendency to put up with a few little anomalies. Unfortunately, the sticker price is simply a very little window into what we will actually pay over the course of ownership in the lovely world of used motorcycles. One common misperception is that motorbikes are inexpensive to operate. Perhaps for smaller scooters, but not for the majority of the more desirable models.

TL1000S Suzuki

a powerful V-twin sportbike that is dependable in Japan. It was a winning formula, but Suzuki ruined it.

The bike would suddenly just let go in a corner as a result of their decision to substitute a standard coil-over with a rear spring and rotary damper with push-rods (inspired by F1). It is one of those things that can be rectified, but the effort might not be worthwhile unless the shock has already been replaced.

The CFMoto 650NK

Chinese-made bikes have come a very long way in terms of overall product quality and performance. The reality of it is that they still have some way to go before they are on par with the competition from the rest of the world.

Their bikes still break down after a few years of ownership even if they are hitting the proper design notes. Before you purchase a product made in China, you must also ask yourself an ethical question.

Hypermotard by Ducati

There is no disputing that this is one of the most attractive motorcycles money can buy, and its exquisite design may very well convince you to make an unwise purchase.

Unfortunately, most Ducati Hypermotard buyers are more interested in riding their bikes than maintaining them, which is understandable. That is unlawful on any Italian V-twin, though. Catastrophic failure is the penalty for a crime.

The Ducati Hypermotard Is a Great Car for These Reasons.

CBR900RR FireBlade from Honda

These revolutionary motorcycles are becoming incredibly desirable nowadays. They were the first vehicles to depart from the accepted 750cc class, and they immediately established themselves as the standard sportbike for the streets.

If one is put up for sale and it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Very few of these jittery motorcycles managed to avoid at least one slide. Fairings that are brand-new or recently restored are a dead giveaway, but only a test ride will show whether or not the chassis is still straight.

Panigale 1299 Ducati

When 1299 eventually ceased manufacturing, it was and probably always will be the most potent V-twin engine ever created.

That kind of power will always come at a cost, and that cost, for the most part, is reliability. This is a highly-strung motorcycle with a strong emphasis on performance and enough frustrated owners to have a class action lawsuit surrounding it.

Benelli Leoncino 500

Technically, this is an Italian motorcycle, with an Italian name plastered all over its neat Italian design.

Underneath all of that is a cheap and cheerful ‘Made In China bike. They will fall apart, and at the end of the day offer very little value on the used market.

Aprilia Shiver 900

Bigger really is not always better. This couldn’t be more true for the 900cc Shiver, which replaced the 750cc model.

Aprilia made these bikes desperately soft compared to the racy, raw 750cc bikes that came before. Their time was also short-lived as the excellent Tuono/RS660 effectively replaced them, and now they often sell for less than the older 750cc.

Related: Here’s What You Need To Know Before Buying An Aprilia Shiver 750

Benelli TRK 502X

With the explosion of the Adventure bike market, the Italians, err, and Chinese were quick to react with bikes like this.

Getting a bike that has potentially been thrashed off-road by an owner who likely treats the bargain-basement machine like a disposable toy is just not a good idea.

Husqvarna Norden 901

So much excitement surrounded the Norden before it made its much-anticipated debut, and people were lining up for the bike, only for many of them to be left disappointed.

The first warning shots got fired when KTM effectively pulled the plug on their 790 engine, going back to the drawing board and rolling it out as an 890 only a few short years after its first appearance. It is potent, but a flawed machine, and all those flaws came with it into the heart of the Husky, with a few original Husky flaws added to the mix. All first-year models have a few kinks, but this is one that is best avoided.

Whatever Custom Chopper

Although not all motorcycles are created equal, choppers are the most distinctive and will probably only appeal to individuals who constructed or had them made.

If the thought of purchasing one secondhand appeal to you due to price, resist the temptation because, even if you like the way it appears, it was made for the person who is trying to sell it, not for you.

10 Best Bikes Worth Buying Used

You want to purchase a bike but lack the funds to go out and purchase a brand-new bike. What do you do then? You may get a new bike on credit. But now you need to be approved for a loan and accept yet another monthly payment. A person on a tight budget should consider used goods. Many people only own motorcycles for a short while before trading them in for something different. As a result, there are many affordable used motorcycles available for purchase. When looking to purchase a used bike, these 10 models are deserving of a second look.

The Kawasaki ZX-6R and Z650

Kawasaki bikes that are roughly 600cc are an excellent investment. Like the Z650 and the ZX-6R, there is a tonne of them available, making it simple to buy one in decent shape for a price you can afford. They are light enough to maintain some agility and have enough performance to be thrilling. In contrast to other producers, Kawasaki has been able to create bikes that, while being older, nonetheless have a stylish appearance. The 650 is better suited for longer journeys and travel since it offers a more upright riding position. With a tucked-up and leaned-forward riding position, the 636 is sportier and more appropriate for a track day.

Japanese FZ1

The FZ-1’s early generations are where you’ll get a terrific deal. You may experience riding an old-style motorcycle because the engine is carbureted. In exchange for certain cutting-edge technologies, you receive a motorcycle that is incredibly dependable. You have a lot of options for upgrading and modernizing your brand-new or pre-owned motorcycle. The fact that the former owners of this bike took good care of them is a plus. Some pristine examples of the bike are available for under a thousand dollars. Consider a more recent, used model if you have your heart set on modern features. Although they cost a little more, they have some of the contemporary amenities that riders in the present day have grown accustomed to.

Honda CB300R

Don’t discount the Honda CB300R because of its diminutive size. Even though it only has a 300cc engine, it is a well-liked model. This small bike is ideal for beginners. Typically, customers purchase them, ride them for a few months to a year, and then upgrade to a model with a higher cc. This implies that it’s simple to find used cars with low mileage and decent condition. This bike can keep up in the city and on the highway, unlike the smaller 250 versions. The main benefit, though, is fuel efficiency. If you’re careful, you can easily cover 180 miles on one tank.

Ninja 300 and Ninja 400 Kawasaki

The smallest models in the Ninja family are the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and the Ninja 400. They swap out the previous 250cc model. All three bikes are excellent options for new riders. The bikes’ light total weight makes them simple to control as riders develop their confidence and refine their techniques. They do, however, capture the essence of the sport bike, unlike other entry-level bikes. Therefore, assume a full tuck and prepare for larger bikes in the future. Also like the higher cc bikes in the range, these low cc versions have full fairings. You will then have a little bike that does not appear to be a beginner’s bike. Usage costs typically remain below $5,000.

Toyota Grom

The Grom hit the market, lit it on fire, and immediately gained a passionate and dedicated following. These mini bikes are perfect for beginners and experienced riders. They are spunky and ridiculously fun. Because they are from Honda, they are easy to work on and reliable. The price point is also a huge selling point. Brand new, they are under $5,000. So you can easily find affordable used bikes, some as low as $1,000. They even make a good spare bike for when you don’t want to pull out your regular bike. Thanks to an extensive aftermarket industry, you can easily find Groms at varying customization levels.

KTM 390 Duke

The 390 Duke is among the best-naked bikes available if you’re looking for one. KTM is known for producing top-notch engines. The 373cc single-cylinder engine of the Duke is no exception. Even though you won’t be propelled off the line by this bike, it offers excellent performance. A smooth acceleration off the mark is provided by low-end torque calibration, which also has enough power to thrill you. Although this bike is slightly more expensive to use, this is a positive thing. This bike is being purchased by a different demographic because the initial cost was higher. There are high-quality bikes available that are in fantastic shape.

Yamaha V-Star 250

Riders looking to purchase a cruiser should consider the V-Star. It replaced the Virago in 2008. The bike has a 249cc engine, making it perfect for beginners or those looking to cruise around the urban streets. It only weighs 325 pounds, making it impressively lightweight. Unlike larger cruisers, the engine in this bike has a relaxed way about it. You don’t have to worry about getting overpowered or having the bike lurch or jump when taking off. While it can cruise at highway speeds, staying at this pace for too long isn’t ideal. These bikes hold their value well, but you can easily find used models for $5,000 or less.

Suzuki SV650

The Suzuki brand is one of the most reliable out there, so it is no surprise that one should end up on this list. The Suzuki SV650 is beautifully designed with a prominently exposed frame and a lack of fairings. The engine on this middleweight bike is tuned to give you just the right amount of power. While it is a bit more expensive than some other used bikes on this list, it is well worth it. It has ABS brakes, Low RPM Assist, Tokico brake calipers, and an Advanced EFI system. Plus, production on the SV650 began in 1999, so there are tons of used models out there.

Kawasaki Vulcan 1500FI

The Kawasaki Vulcan 1500FI is a great buy for those looking to ride a classic motorcycle without spending the big bucks that new motorcycles cost today. You get a nicely sized engine at 1500cc. That bigger engine and cruiser style do come with more weight. However, throw on some saddlebags, and you have a great weekend bike. The riding position is that of a classic cruiser with arms and legs stretched out in front. Thanks to Kawasaki engineering, the bike is reliable and easy to work on. Used bikes probably won’t be in pristine condition, but they are incredibly affordable at under $5,000.

Honda Rebel

This lightweight Honda Rebel cruiser is a breath of fresh air for the cruiser category. The bikes look tough and take a big step away from the chromed-out heavyweights that traditionally dominate the segment. The engine isn’t one of those hefty powerhouses you find the bigger cruisers, but it still has plenty of power to get up and go. This makes it suitable for riding in the city and on the highway. The 471cc engine is a parallel twin engine that is incredibly responsive. Owning a Rebel is just as enjoyable as riding one. They are reliable and easy to work on at home.

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10 Best New Motorcycles At EICMA 2022!

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