Unique Bike: 16-year-old Boy Constructs An Unusual Bike That Travels 150km Per Rs.5?

Unique Bike: 16-year-old Boy Constructs An Unusual Bike That Travels 150km Per Rs.5?

Unique Bike: Two brothers of 16 and 21 years of age have made a unique bike that gives 150 mileage. 16-year-old Akshay is a student of Polytechnic and he has seen all the technical work 21-year-old Ashish who is pursuing M.A has collected the parts of the motorcycle from different places to make the motorcycle.

These two original brothers’ motorcycle is jam-packed with amenities; it has more features than a bike from a major corporation. Both brothers agree that the price of the first bike is a little high, despite the fact that the initial cost of producing the bike is between 30 and 35 000 rupees; however, this cost may change in the future.

When describing the bike’s features, it should be noted that the battery can be charged for just Rs.5, however, it takes around 7 hours to fully recharge. After 7 hours of charging, the bike can travel up to 150 km. Furthermore, this bike also includes back gear. A 24 amp, 60 kW voltage battery is fitted in the bike.

The bike also has a speed boost button that may be used to change the bike’s speed. Both of the genuine brothers are obsessed with technology, and Ashish claims that if there is enough demand, we can improve this motorcycle even further and use better materials.

Unique Bike
                                                                                                                          Unique Bike

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Purchasing A Used Bike? These Are The Important Things To Bear In Mind!

No other personal vehicle can handle congested Indian roads during peak traffic hours as easily as a two-wheeler.

While two-wheelers have this glide-through advantage, not everyone can purchase a new bike to meet their daily commute needs. India’s sizeable second-hand bike market is the ultimate savior for people dealing with a cash crunch. This segment has consistently soared in India since second-hand bikes are lucrative alternatives to brand-new models.

Additionally, with banks and NBFCs offering second-hand bike loans at attractive rates, buying second-hand bikes has become even more affordable. When choosing such financing options, you can use online bike loan EMI calculators to compare loan plans and budget your EMI expenses.

While getting your second-hand bike financed may not be very different from opting for a new bike loan, selecting a used bike is undoubtedly a little different. Thus, if you’re currently planning on buying a second-hand bike, you should keep the following things in mind.

A. Your choice doesn’t have to be tied to your budget – The second-hand two-wheeler market continues to bloom because it offers customers premium used bikes at low costs – models that otherwise fall outside their affordability thresholds. While these ace models may be second-hand, their selling price may still be more than regular commuter bikes. But this shouldn’t deter you as you can easily opt for a secondhand bike loan of up to ₹10 Lakhs.

Financing your used bike with a loan will allow you to break up its cost into manageable monthly installments. You can also use a bike loan EMI calculator to ensure you plan well for the future without overstepping your means.

B. Diligent research goes a long way – Instead of letting second-hand bike prices dictate your search for the right model, you should let your usage intent guide you through this quest. Doing so will help you determine whether you want a mileage bike for daily commutes or a tourer bike for adventure-filled weekend getaways.

If you’re unsure which bike will best serve your needs, you can seek help from bike enthusiasts and experts. Once you’ve zeroed in on a particular bike segment, you can start researching top models from the segment and read up about their features, benefits, and flaws. If you plan on buying the bike with a used bike loan, remember to also research the best financing options for the model you pick.

C. Inspecting every nook and cranny has its rewards – Buying a second-hand bike is a big-ticket purchase, even if you buy it with a used bike loan. Thus, you should ensure that every part of the bike is in tip-top shape. You should begin with a physical examination of the model. While slight dents and scratches are common, you should check for more visible damages like missing parts and rust damage.

After that’s done, you can check the engine area for oil leaks and the tires for wear and tear damage. Also, remember to check the engine’s health with a cold start. While you can inspect the bike on your own, it is always prudent to have it checked thoroughly by a mechanic.

D. Checking the service records can help you save a fortune – While a used bike loan will finance the purchase of a second-hand two-wheeler, it won’t cover its maintenance costs. Thus, before shortlisting a model, it is always better to verify its service records. These documents will help you gauge how frequently the bike has been repaired and adjust your future repair estimates accordingly.

E. Taking the bike out for a spin helps you know its fit – You wouldn’t want to purchase a second-hand two-wheeler with a used bike loan just to abandon it a few months later due to performance and comfort issues. Since physical examinations can only reveal so much, you should take the selected model for a spin to really feel its pulse.

F. Creating a document checklist can make transfers easier – To apply for a used bike loan, you must have all the proper documents in place. Most lenders need a copy of the bike’s registration certificate and the application form to process the loan request. Since there is quite a lot of paperwork involved in the second-hand bike transfer process, creating a checklist can help streamline this process. This checklist includes the bike’s RC, PUC Certificate, valid insurance papers (transferred to you), RTO forms 28, 29, and 30, tax certificate, and sales receipt.

G. You can always negotiate the price – While you have a used bike loan to fall back on, it is wise to negotiate prices before sealing the deal. This will help you score the best deal on the bike and also possibly lower the principal loan amount quotation. In other words, it will help reduce the loan burden.

Summing It Up

Even though choosing a used two-wheeler may seem difficult, if you keep the aforementioned advice in mind, you should be OK. You can choose a used bike loan from Bajaj Markets if you don’t have the money to purchase the two-wheeler of your dreams. Along with high-value financing choices, these plans provide appealing interest rates and adjustable payback terms. To keep your EMIs manageable and only borrow within your means, you may also utilize the website’s bike loan EMI calculator.

Honda Set To Launch First Flex-Fuel Motorcycle In India By 2024 End | Check Details Here

Honda Plans To Release Its First Flex-Fuel Motorcycle In India By The End Of 2024 | View More Information

Two-wheelers Honda The introduction of a Flexi-fuel motorbike in India has been officially announced. The newest two-wheeler will be accessible by the end of 2024, claims the business. Notably, the TVS Apache RTR 200 Fi E100 is the only motorbike available with a flex-fuel engine.

During the International Conference on Biofuels, Atsushi Ogata, chief executive officer of Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India said, “Our internal target is minimum, one model, the first model of Flexi-fuel motorcycle to be launched by end-2024.”

Honda is planning to launch the motorcycle with a flex-fuel engine in the next two years in the Indian market. However, no details were announced regarding the model and its price.

It is significant to note that the Center for Climate and Energy is adamantly urging automakers to choose cleaner and more economical alternative fuel vehicles, even as Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India announced the debut of a flex-fuel motorcycle in the nation.

A 16-year-old boy creates a unique bike that runs 150km at ₹5 | Unique Bike

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